Be Pro-Active! Drive Traffic to Your Website

*Adwerx Ad code in place to follow them around the internet. Your own personal 'billboard' to remind them of your services.


  • Website Link On Your Email Signature
  • Use Client Files Tab for Documents
  • Set Owners to Receive Neighborhood Listing Activity
  • Craigslist for leads and traffic
  • Buyer- Listing Drips
  • Seller- Competition Listing Drip
  • Seller- New Home Drip
  • Current Owner- Client Neighborhood Listing Activity Drips
  • Facebook postings and ads
  • Pay per click campaigns
  • Send listing link to sellers to send to their sphere
  • slide presentations embedded on your website
  • Embedded YouTube videos
  • Homebuyers’ guides
  • Home sellers’ guides
  • Relocation packets
  • Neighborhood market reports
  • New listing email registrations
  • Property comparative market analysis
  • “How-to” e-books or videos — how to stage a home, how to increase curb appeal, how to buy foreclosures, and so on.
  • Reports — neighborhood, school, crime and more
  • Lists — bank-owned properties, short-sale homes, 203(k)-eligible properties, etc
  • Real estate-related e-books or videos — landscaping, remodeling, investment opportunities, flipping a house, and so on


Online Lead Nurturing: Equals Giving and Getting


Buyer Leads

Phone Contact

  • Phone call to Engage
  •   (Android only at this time)
  • SlyDial Voice Message


Set Listing Drip

           Base listing drip on what the lead has viewed online.

           Never build a search for just one lead. Build the search and save it for future leads and current clients to utilize.

Email with

           You can see when and how many times the lead opened the email and if they clicked through to each link you have sent.

  •  Always ask a question to attempt a response email. Try to engage.
  •  Send Special Community Events
  •  Notify them about Selected Listings
  •  Tell lead about Your Open Houses


Drip Email Campaign

           Ask a question offering an item below or include a link to a specific webpage.

  • Offer MLS sheets
  • Offer recent neighborhood sales info with DOM and Sales Prices
  • Offer tax info
  • Offer insurance information on specific properties
  • Offer Online map link to boundaries/aerial
  • Send or Offer Foreclosure link
  • Send or Offer Short Sale link
  • Send How to Buy Distressed Property link
  • Send Local Lenders Link
  • Send Local Home Inspectors
  • Offer HOA Fees
  • Offer more photos
  • Send neighborhood YouTube videos



Seller Leads

YouTube Videos embedded on webpages with links slide presentations embedded on your website

Send email with link to FSBOs and expireds.

Email Video links and a neighborhood link to FSBO emails on Craigslist Ads,,


WIN/WIN   Lead Conversion Possibilities and Using Their Traffic for SEO Building