WANT MORE LEADS? Creating Agent Saved Searches for SEO

Agent Saved Searches for SEO will allow you to show up on Google searches for free organic leads. These searches will show up as a drop down feature on your top menu bar.


PART 1  Building the Agent Saved Search

City and Price Range Searches

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Neighborhood and Condo Complex Searches 






Written How-To Steps:

1. On Leadstreet go to 'Site Builder'.

2. Go to 'Searches'

3. Click on 'Create a My (Agent) Saved Search' to select a neighborhood or price range, etc. Choose the Advanced Criteria function. The map MUST be over the neighborhood or area that you are making a saved search for, or it will not show any listings for that search.

4. Choose the MLS

5. Select the price range, the city, the neighborhood, or a zip code that you want for your search.

6. Click on "Save Search" and name the search.

7. Part 2 video below. Go back to the page called 'My Searches' and click on 'Create a SEO Search Page'. Fill out all blanks and choose the search you just made from the "Saved Search" drop down menu.


PART 2 Building the SEO Page

Video How-To Steps to do the SEO Page. This step must be done for your pages to show up on Google.